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 Lavish Locs Hair Company

At Lavish Locs Hair, we know that you want your hair to reflect the phenomenal woman you are inside. To do that, you need the right wig that is a custom fit for you that will accentuate all your attractive features.
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The problem is most women have a complicated relationship with their hair. Whether it's straight, coily, thick, or thin, it always seems to take too much time to do, which is the same old story you would hear almost every woman complaint about. Which can make many women feel unattractive.  


We believe that building a healthy relationship with your hair is important that's why we create personalized wigs. Therefore, you can take control of your relationship with your hair and feel beautiful, confident all while saving time and money; remember, your journey starts today. We understand that many women don't understand the process of choosing the right wig and have no idea where to start, which is why "Lavishly realistic Wigs" are created with your needs in mind. 


Here's how we do it: 


 We will create you a custom wig that is fitted to your head size. Please click the link for more details on Lavish Locs Hair to see precisely how this is done.  


Your wig color is carefully selected.  

Then you can select your: color, style, texture.   

However, you can book a free consultation if you need further assistance. 



Feel Confident, Feel Beautiful, and Save Time 

Remember we offer wig maintenance services and products to keep your wig looking its best. 

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“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”


Song of Solomon 4:7


 Meet Jasica


I am Jasica, the CEO, and Creator of Lavish Locs Hair. 

I've always loved styling hair. With my entrepreneurial spirit in mind, I knew I wanted to start a business where I could make a difference in people's life's by helping them feel beautiful and confident. My passion for helping others look their best is what helps me to continually push harder each day! 


After attending Ogle Beauty School in Dallas and Makeup Designory in New York, I became a wig stylist and makeup artist, specialist. What started off as just a dream I had in my head quickly grew into reality.  


Lavish Locs Hair was established in 2015; from the beginning, my goal has been to provide women with natural-looking wigs and extensions at an affordable price. I offer private wig-fitting rooms where you can find your perfect style while feeling comfortable and relaxed. I have what it takes to make you feel your best. 

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