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Insurance Reimbursement 

Wigs are more than just fashion, they give confidence. In some cases of medical hair loss, wigs may be prescribed by a doctor and covered by insurance. Please get a prescription from your doctor and check with your insurance provider before starting the process of purchasing a wig for medical hair loss. 

If you have purchased a Lavish Locs Wig or plan to and would like to receive documentation to provided to your insuran
ce company, please fill out the form below.

Note: This form is only for people who have purchased or intend to purchase a wig from Lavish Locs Hair Company. While Lavish Locs Hair Company will help you all the ways we can to get your wig covered by insurance, we cannot guarantee it.
Lavish Locs Hair Company  cannot help people who have purchased a wig from another retailer. 
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